Recruitment rules for the Rafal Cegłowski School:

  1. Required documents in the post-secondary school recruitment process:
  • Application for admission to the school
  • Secondary school leaving certificate
  • 4 photographs (42×30 mm)
  • Identity card or passport (at the moment of visiting the secretary’s office)
  • Medical certificate
  1. Required documents in the recruitment process to the post-secondary school for foreigners:
  • Foreign passport (copy)
  • Internal passport (copy)
  • Attestation with a grade insert (original) – stays at the school for the duration of the course
  • Translation of the certificate with the insert by a sworn translator (original) – stays at the school for the duration of the study
  • Confirmation of change of name with translation by a sworn translator (if there is a change – copy)
  1. Additional documents required for foreigners, if the candidate has them:
  • Confirmation of PESEL in Poland (if granted) (copy)
  • Residence card (if present – copy)
  1. Candidates may start their studies either in the autumn or spring semester.
  2. Admission to the school is determined by the delivery of the complete set of required documents.
  3. You may enrol at the school in person or by proxy.
  4. Completed 18 years of age.

The Rafal Cegłowski School is a reputable educational institution that offers high-quality post-secondary education. Why is it worth enrolling at this school? Primarily because of:

  1. Competent teaching staff: the school employs experienced specialists in various fields who have not only theoretical knowledge but also practical work experience.
  2. The high level of teaching: the school places a strong emphasis on practical skills, which allows graduates to enter the labour market more quickly. In addition, the school offers modern teaching methods that allow for effective learning.
  3. Extensive choice of courses: the school offers a wide variety of courses that meet the current needs of the labour market.
  4. Experience and reputation: the school has been on the market for many years and enjoys a good reputation among employers. Graduates of the Rafal Cegłowski school have easier access to the labour market and often find employment already during their studies.

Once you have completed the form, we will contact you and provide you with the necessary documents and arrange an appointment at the secretariat.

A one-off payment is required to enrol in the school.

Entry fee in Wroclaw PLN 400

Entry fee in Piaseczno 400 zł

Registration fee in Warsaw 400 zł

Recruitment form

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