Welcome Spring

Welcome to the first day of spring! It is a time when nature awakens to life and we can feel inspired to take on new challenges and personal development. The Rafal Cegłowski School is the perfect place to start your educational adventure and achieve success in your chosen field.

We are a renowned educational institution offering a wide range of interesting post-secondary education courses. Our staff are experienced teachers and experts in their fields who provide comprehensive knowledge and skills to our students. We adapt our classrooms to accommodate different fields of study and invest in modern equipment to ensure that students receive the best quality education.

Our offer includes a wide variety of majors, such as Medical Supervisor, Administration Technician, Health and Safety Technician, Medical Sterilisation Technician, Massage Technician, Cosmetic Services Technician, Dental Hygienist and Dental Assistant. We prepare our students for professional examinations, allowing them to gain the required qualifications and broaden their career prospects.

At our school, you will not only gain knowledge and skills, but you will also be supported and given the opportunity to develop your passions and interests. Our workshops and explanations will help you gain the practical experience you need to succeed in your career.

If you’re looking for a school without a baccalaureate that will help you gain the professional qualifications you need and develop your skills, Rafal Ceglowski School is the perfect place for you! Join our community of students and teachers and start your educational adventure today!