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About us

The Post-Secondary Vocational School the Center of Business Science and Administration was established in 2017. The aim of the school is to educate high-class specialists in the field of cosmetics, massage, occupational health and safety, administration and medical care. The lecturers include inspectors who conduct their own companies in the field of OHS, cosmetologists, physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, employees representing public administration holding managerial positions. High importance is given at school to the comfort of education. Every year, we constantly invest in modern equipment, and improve and adjust the rooms to various fields of study.


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Vadym Tyagnienko Head of the school office in Wrocław
Rafał Cegłowski Director
Inna Andriiash Employee of the school office in Wrocław

Latest Articles

Deadline for passing the exams!

CAUTIONPupils: II semester of the MEDICAL TENDER  III semester of OHS  IV semester ADMINISTRATION IV semester of COSMETICS  IV semester of the MASSAGE  The school …