Massage technician

The Massage Technician is responsible for performing different types of massage, such as relaxation, sports or therapeutic massage, and selecting the right type of massage for the patient’s needs.
Tuition lasts for 2 years (4 semesters) and is provided on a full-time basis.

Code (digital symbol of the profession): 325402


  • Provides massage services;
  • performs medical, sports, cosmetic and preventive massages; carries out preventive activities, popularising health-promoting behaviour.

Professional tasks:

  • performing medical massage, including but not limited to: determining indications, contraindications and observing the rules of performing individual types of massage;
  • performing the following massages: classic, medical in an aquatic environment, lymphatic, basic reflex, Shantal, isometric, tensegration, joint or instrument massage, etc;
  • performing sports massage, including among others: choosing the type of sports massage for the sports discipline and training cycle; choosing the method of sports massage used in biological regeneration of the organism, performing sports massage on an injured player, etc;
  • performing cosmetic, relaxing and preventive massage;
  • carrying out preventive activities promoting health-promoting behaviour;
  • qualifying medical equipment and devices for washing, disinfection and sterilisation processes;
  • carrying out cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation using appropriate methods and equipment and keeping records of the process;
  • observing the principles of health promotion and healthy lifestyle;
  • assessing parameters of basic vital functions;
  • providing, in accordance with professional competence, first aid in life-threatening and health-threatening situations;
  • following hygienic, aseptic and antiseptic safety rules in case of direct contact with biologically contaminated material;
  • communicating with the patient, his/her family and community group;
  • preparing, maintaining and archiving the patient’s medical records in accordance with the law;
  • applying legal provisions for the performance of professional tasks;
  • collaborating as part of a multidisciplinary team to ensure continuity of patient care;
  • explaining to patients the rules of use of the health insurance system in Poland in relation to the services provided;
  • providing information to patients on sources and methods of financing health services;
  • observing the principles of ethical behaviour towards patients and co-workers;
  • use of computer programmes supporting the performance of tasks
  • observing the principles of ergonomics, health and safety at work and applying the law on fire protection and environmental protection.

Additional professional tasks:

  • organising and managing the work of small staff teams;
  • undertaking and carrying out business activities in the field of massage therapy.