Pharmaceutical technician

The Pharmacy Technician is responsible for preparing and distributing medicines and looking after the warehouse and pharmaceutical equipment.

Tuition lasts 2.5 years (5 semesters) and is provided on a full-time basis.

Code (digital symbol of the profession): 321301


  • Performs technical, analytical and administrative work related to the production (manufacture) of medicines, analysis and control of medicines and marketing of pharmaceuticals, sanitary articles and medical equipment (in pharmacies, pharmaceutical laboratories, pharmaceutical, chemical, herbal industry, etc.).

Professional tasks:

  • supervising and conducting technological processes of drug production in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • operating pharmaceutical industry apparatus and equipment, laboratory apparatus and pharmacy equipment;
  • preparation of all forms of prescription drugs that do not contain poisons and narcotics in their composition, preparation of finished drugs for sale (portioning and labelling);
  • carrying out analysis and control of medicines and sanitary articles in chemical and galenic laboratories, etc;
  • observing hygienic and aseptic principles during the preparation, storage and dispensing of medicines and sanitary products;
  • serving patients using pharmacies and pharmacy points and providing assistance in emergencies;
  • organising the work of the pharmacy point, ordering medicines and dressings, carrying out material accounts, keeping records of pharmacy equipment;
  • storing medical supplies;
  • carrying out marketing activities, assessing and analysing the market to determine the demand for pharmaceutical raw materials, cosmetics and medical equipment.