The Health and Safety Technician

Health and Safety Technician is responsible for ensuring health and safety in the company. He/she conducts health and safety training, monitors compliance with health and safety regulations and develops emergency procedures.

The study lasts 1.5 years (3 semesters) and takes place in the extramural mode.

Code (digital symbol of the profession): 325509
  • Prepares occupational health and safety analyses and proposals for the elimination of existing hazards;
  • investigates causes of accidents at work and proposes their elimination;
  • maintains a register of documents on accidents at work and occupational diseases;
  • halts the operation of machinery and equipment in the event of danger to the life and health of workers;
  • removes from work persons for whom work in a particular position is prohibited; conducts initial training of newly hired employees.

Job tasks:

  • managing occupational health and safety in workplaces;
  • assessing and measuring the degree of danger and the occupational risks caused by chemical, physical and biological factors present in the working environment for individual workplaces;
  • recognise and assess hazards arising from the use of hand tools, mechanical, electrical machinery and equipment and chemical apparatus; recognise hazards arising from construction and transport work and implement procedures to prevent identified hazards;
  • solving day-to-day technical and organisational problems related to safety and ergonomics on a company-wide basis and for individual workplaces;
  • drafting internal regulations on safety
    and health at work, fire protection and environmental protection;
  • determining the circumstances and causes of accidents at work (including: interviewing the injured and witnesses to an accident, completing documentation on an accident at work) and the causes of occupational diseases, developing and implementing solutions to prevent or reduce their occurrence in the future;
  • monitoring compliance with legal provisions defining occupational health and safety requirements;
  • preparing current and periodical analyses of safety and health at work, taking into account the applicable standards and regulations defining the requirements of safety and health at work;
  • cooperating with employee services in the workplace in the area of occupational health and safety, including organising periodic medical examinations and preventive health care of employees;
  • organising and conducting training and providing occupational health and safety services;
  • using the technical drawing and terminology related
    to the operation of technical facilities;
  • use of computer programmes supporting the performance of tasks;
  • observing the principles of ethics and professional responsibility;
  • observing the principles of ergonomics, occupational health and safety and applying the law on fire protection and environmental protection.

Additional professional tasks:

  • organising and managing the work of small teams of employees;
  • undertaking and conducting business activities in the field of occupational health and safety.