Administrative Technician

The Administrative Technician is responsible for managing records, liaising with customers and carrying out various administrative tasks in the company.

The study lasts for 2 years (4 semesters) and takes place in the extramural mode.

Code (digital symbol of the profession): 334306


  • Performs clerical work in an administrative unit;
  • provides customer service in administrative units; provides explanations on the application of legal regulations;
  • edits letters, correspondence, reports, memos and minutes;
  • drafts contracts, rules of procedure and procedures;
  • is responsible for the correct reception, filing and classification of information in public administration units; takes part in administrative proceedings.

Job tasks:

  • providing customer service in administrative units, including providing explanations on the application of regulations in various fields of law;
  • preparation of documents relating to administrative matters on the basis of, inter alia, labour and administrative law, including: drafting civil law contracts and documents arising from the employment relationship, drawing up work regulations, preparing drafts of contracts, agreements, decisions, procedures, instructions and other documents;
  • preparing various forms of official correspondence, drafting letters, correspondence, reports and memos;
  • participating in the conduct of administrative proceedings
    in public administration units, including: initiating proceedings
    and conducting administrative hearings; handling complaints and applications; informing parties of their rights and obligations and of the results of the proceedings;
  • performing organisational work related to the preparation of official meetings;
  • receiving, sorting and classifying information, including selecting data for analytical and decision-making relevance and calculating and interpreting basic statistical measures;
  • preparing data compilations and performing basic statistical analyses, including, but not limited to, preparing analyses and reports on public finances and compiling and presenting statistical data and research results;
  • archiving documents;
  • applying the law on access to public information professional secrecy and protection of personal data;
  • operate office technology equipment and devices and use
    computer programs in office work
  • observing the principles of health and safety at work and applying the law on fire protection and environmental protection.

Additional professional tasks:

  • customer service in a foreign language;
  • organising and directing the work of small teams of employees