A florist is responsible for designing and creating floral compositions, both for special events and for interior decoration. A florist must have good manual and aesthetic skills and be familiar with different types of flowers and plants.

The training lasts for 1 year (2 semesters) and takes place in the extramural mode.

Code (digital symbol of the profession): 343203


  • Creates plant decorations, from small compositions to spatial solutions, enhancing the aesthetics of the environment; deals with the visual setting of ceremonies and events and complex interior decoration, using cut and potted decorative plants;
  • uses in his/her work the principles of artistic composition and knowledge of spatial arrangements and interior decoration.

Professional tasks:

  • carrying out plant decoration projects;
  • preparing plant material, dried and artificial plants for making decorations;
  • making plant decorations of various types;
  • fixation of plants by various methods;
  • packaging and transport of finished compositions;
  • styling interiors with plant material in hotels, offices, shops, residences, churches, flats; trade fair stands, conferences, etc;
  • preparation of exhibitions and plant competitions;
  • marketing of floral material.