Dental assistant

A dental assistant, this profession involves assisting the dentist in the daily activities of caring for patients. Dental assistants prepare patients for dental procedures, assist with dental procedures, and take care of dental equipment and instruments.

The study lasts for 1 year (2 semesters) and is conducted in full-time mode.

Code (digital occupation symbol): 325101


  • Assists the dentist in therapeutic activities in the dental office and dental clinic.

Occupational tasks:

  • taking care of the hygienic condition of the dental clinics and dental offices and their equipment;
  • preparing the dental surgery and the work station, including assembling the appropriate set of basic instruments;
  • preparing the patient for surgery (physical and psychological);
  • actively assisting during the procedure, preparing and administering instruments and medicines not included in the basic sets or equipment of the dental table;
  • preparing the materials needed for the procedure (depending on the type of dental procedure) and impression masses in the case of intended prosthetic procedures;
  • operating diagnostic equipment (dental mirror, forceps, probes, oral lamp) and treatment equipment (cavity preparation instruments, surgical instruments) found in the surgery;
  • controlling the patient’s pulse and blood pressure during surgical procedures;
  • observing and applying aseptic principles – sterilising, disinfecting and maintaining dental instruments and equipment;
  • interacting with the dentist in providing emergency care;
  • keeping records of patients and treatment records, reporting on procedures performed, filling in patient charts, tooth diagrams, describing the prevention and treatment plan;
  • assisting the dentist in carrying out preventive procedures (tartar removal, fluoridation, etc.);
  • keeping an inventory book of the surgery, a book of material consumption;
  • teaching patients of different ages how to massage their gums, brush their teeth and maintain oral hygiene.